Under a breathless moon

As I dip my paddle into the shimmering water I know we’re in for a real treat.  Full moon paddles are one of my most favorite things to do.  Soon the sun will sink and the full breathless moon will start her assent up into the sky.  As she slowly drifts up the most common color is orange or red.  This is usually due to the layer of smog that surrounds our beautiful earth.  Regardless of the reason, the color is amazing.  We started our paddle while the sun was just starting to sink, this allowed us to position ourselves in the middle of Loon Lake.


We left a lantern on the shore, to serve as our beacon and to help guide us in, once we were done.  It’s easy to lose your course once darkness has descended on the water.  Even with a big bright full moon above you, it can be difficult to see.  I’ve learned that little red bike lights work best for night time paddles.  Bright white lights just impair your vision and blind your fellow paddlers.

Once we’ve located our perfect spot, we raft up and wait.  Tonight we won’t have to wait for long.  I watch the smiles curve upwards on the faces of those new to such a great experience as they witness this for the first time.


We sit silently watching as the moon continues up and up.  I paddle around the group to capture a few pictures of a few paddlers with the moon behind them.


The sun is completely gone now and the moon is one of our only sources of light, while out on the water.  It’s starting to get cold and we decide it’s time to head back to shore.  We’re thankful for another wonderful memory on the water.



One thought on “Under a breathless moon

  1. Nicely done. I used to leave a light on the beach when I did night Scuba dives. Now when I kayak at night (when I am not with you or even then) I use my GPS and I don’t depend on the shore light…

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