~Local Kayak Shop Gives back…

Today Sacramento Paddle Pushers had the privilege of dipping our paddles in Lodi Lake as Dan Arbuckle, the owner of The Headwaters Kayak Shop (located on 847 N. Cluff Ave.) in Lodi, offered our group a chance to demo his fleet of kayaks as well as tutor us on our Stroke.

Not only does Dan have his kayak shop, but he also runs the Boat House located on Lodi Lake!!


I’ve known Dan for almost six years.  I had just started kayaking, and he was just starting out as a local kayak shop owner.  We’ve crossed paths on several occasions over the years and I’ve purchased a few kayaks from him.  But, in 2016 I started sending people in my paddle club exclusively to Dan.  After all, he’s a really good guy, he’s honest, and he has a true love for paddling.


So, as a way to say thank you for the business coming his way, he offered to host a kayak Demo, so our paddlers could try a wide variety of kayaks.  And, to top it off, he offered to give us a lesson in Strokes!

Here’s the fleet of kayaks lined up for our use this morning.


Dan also gave us some very useful instruction on the many types of paddles available.  Who knew there were so many!


Here are just a few of our paddlers trying out some of the demo kayaks.

Hey Dan and Laura, say “hi”!  I see that Dan sure does like green!


Carole, Christie, Nancy and Cindy are having fun!

Miki was helping Dan out today.  He gave me a lot of tips as I was practicing my forward and backward strokes.  Now, I just need to practice, practice, practice!


After our strokes lesson we took a quick spin around Lodi Lake.  If you haven’t heard, Dan’s hosting three Spooky Lagoon paddles here on 10/28, 10/29 and 10/30.  You are sure to be spooked and paddle for cover.  Give the shop a call for more details (209-224-8367) or find them online at: http://www.headwaterskayak.com/

Thanks Dan, Eddie and Miki for spending the day with Sacramento Paddle Pushers!


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