A dip inside Ms Paddler’s Chronicles

It’s not often that photo’s are taken of me while I’m paddling.  At least not by my own camera.  As I started a small collection of photos to put together for this story, I realized just how many different kayaks I’ve had over the years, because the bow of my kayak is in most of my pictures!  That made me laugh a little.  So, I’ll be sharing some pictures with you, of me.

My very first kayak, a Wilderness Systems Cape Horn 17ft, was found on craigslist.  I called and made an appointment, sat inside it while it was in a gravel driveway, and said “I’ll take it!”  It was heavy, but it handled like a dream.

This photo was taken at Rancho Seco while attending The Headwater’s very first demo event in November 2010.


Here’s a shot of me while paddling on the Cosumnes River in 2010.  The water hyacinth was bad back then too.  Don’t ask my why there’s a bandana tied to the back handle of my kayak!


This was my very first paddle on Drakes Estero.  My friend Debbie and I arrived a day earlier than the rest of the group, had no clue we should check the tides first, but had fun exploring.  I participated in Eppies Great Race earlier that summer and still had my # on my PFD.


2010-2011 was a wet winter for us.  Water levels at the Salmon Falls Bridge were extremely high.  This shot was taken above the bridge after a friend and I did some hiking.  We hauled our kayaks all the way down the hill (if you’ve white water rafted on the South Fork of the American, you know the hill) and paddled upstream about 1/2 a mile.  I’m not sure what I’m pointing at.  Perhaps Bigfoot?


Winter paddling is awesome.  It’s a time to have the entire lake to ourselves.  This picture was taken on Lake Natoma and I’m now in my Hurricane Tampico 14 ft kayak.  This boat had the most comfortable seat and tracked like a dream.  It was a demo that had some damage when I bought it.  Eventually, it would crack beyond repair.  Hurricane stopped making the Tampico and replaced it with a Sojourn.


Another shot in my Tampico.  I’m sporting a lot of green in this picture!


This was taken on Memorial Day in 2014.  It actually rained on us, while paddling on Lake Natoma.  I don’t think the pink and green Crocs match the rest of my attire.


This shot was taken during a full moon paddle on Loon Lake.  I posted a separate blog about this paddle.  It was a fun night on the water.


Ok, so I’m not in a kayak in this shot, but I am pretending to surf!  This was taken on the backside of Rollins Lake where the Bear River spills in.  We paddled here after Thanksgiving to burn off that turkey and pumpkin pie!


I’m the dot on the right.  I’m in a Sojourn, which was a loaner while waiting for my replacement kayak.  This shot was taken as seven of us paddled our butts off around Sucia Island.  This, by far, was the scariest paddle I’ve ever done.  Tides and wind were moving us backwards, so we had to keep pushing forward.  I was exhausted after paddling in this for over an hour and a half.  There’s a lot more to the story.  I’ll be sure to write about it another time.


This was taken on Slab Creek last winter.  I was using Nancy’s 12foot Pungo for this paddle.


I’m now paddling an Eddyline Fathom.  This kayak is by far the best and fastest kayak I’ve ever paddled.  This shot was taken at Ahjumawi Lava Springs state park in May 2016.  I’ll be sharing a story about this majestic place another time.  I’ve been here on four different occasions and I never tire if the beauty.


I do have to say that one of the biggest joys of all, is seeing my four grand kids embrace kayaking.  We had a family reunion this past August and they had a blast playing in the water and in the kayaks.  My two sons are also catching Kayak fever!


Thank you for following my stories and letting me share a little bit more about myself.


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