~Fall brings Fond memories of Fall River

Before I begin my story about dipping my paddling into Fall River, I want to give you a little history first.  It was more than three years ago when I first started thinking about putting together a trip to Ahjumawi and I knew I didn’t want to boat in camp.  So, I did my research and just happened across a little town called Fall River Mills.   The proximity to the put-in at Ahjumawi was perfect.  My next thought was I wanted to do an all girls trip.  So, we had our “Gals go Glamping” trip and shared a huge house that slept eleven of us.  This house, just so happened to be situated right on Fall River.  Lucky us.

Most of the access to this beautiful river is on private land.  We were in luck.  The owner of the house we secured had a lodge a few miles up the road with direct access to the water at both the put-in and the take-out.  Two of my paddles here were handled in the same fashion, with the second allowing the guys to join us for a “Co-Ed Glamp”.  The third (May 2016) was also a co-ed paddle, but we secured a different house.  This house had direct access but we had to scout out another place to take out.  We found it, just off of Island Road.  As I tell my story, I will tell of the three times I paddled on this beautiful river famous for fly fishing.

The water is shallow, but I hear the volume of trout here, per square mile, is pretty amazing.  This was our starting point in May 2016.


This is the other side of the same bridge/road, which is private access only.



Some of the wildlife you’ll see along the riverbank; a pretty deer, a turkey vulture eating a deer, and one of those muskrats that probably escaped from the muskrat farm I talked about in an earlier story!

We’ve seen cloudy days, windy days and perfectly calm days.  And while the sky has been threatening to release it’s wrath upon us a few times, we were lucky to paddle without as much as a drop.





Here’s a shot of our first paddle when it was just the gals.


Gina was having a good day!  This was her second trip with us.


I love this shot!  This little guy was just chilling!


As you wind your way through farms, grasslands and marshes, you’ll see Mount Shasta as your backdrop.

And, the beautiful mustard lining the fence, just out of reach of hungry cows.


You’ve gotta love Christie’s double Decker hat!  You might think she’s in a short little kayak and would have a tough time keeping up with the rest of us.  Well, this gal can cruise along at warp speeds!


One of the most special memories for me was when we ventured across nesting Sand Hill Cranes.  They are stunning!



We didn’t see any nesting on our last paddle, but I did capture one flying through the air.


I love the shapes of the cotton ball clouds as they float above this barn.


This is an American Bittern.  I had to look him up in my bird book when I got home as I’d never seen one before.  He was pretty elusive.


These Terns  were putting on quite a show as we paddled beneath them.  They would fly and dive, fly and dive, fly and dive.  It was endless entertainment.  They were taking a break as I captured this shot.  Followed by a shot of two White Pelicans, which by the way, are one of the largest birds in North America.


I know I will have the pleasure to dip my paddle here again at some point.  I have such fond memories of this river.  It was almost by accident the way I happened upon it and that makes it all the more special.




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