~A Calm Morning on Morro Bay

The water is perfectly still, except for a 5 knot tide moving in, as I dip my paddle into Morro Bay for the first time.  This paddle had been planned for more than a year and I knew we could get some sketchy weather, but was hoping we didn’t.   Well, the Ma Nature was certainly going to smile on us today.


There was a slight layer of fog looming along the shoreline on the other side of the bay, but the air temperature was close to 63.  As our small group of eleven paddlers unloaded our kayaks and gear, I started seeing layers come off.  I joined in as well.  Bye-bye scarf and fuzzy warm hat!  I could see blue skies and knew the day was just going to get better.


Our first bird sighting was a lone Great Blue Heron.  He was sitting on top of some lobster traps in the harbor.  Perhaps waiting for his breakfast, but more than likely just taking a break before he sets off in search of something lurking in the nearby estuary.


We decide to paddle towards Morro Rock first.  Yes, we’ll be paddling against the tide, but I know winds are coming in by 12:30pm, and doing this later on isn’t something I want to do.



We cross over to paddle along the sandy spit, hoping to spot some Sea Lions, Brown Pelicans or other bird life.  I caught this shot of a few Double-crested Cormorants as they dried out their wings in the morning sunshine.  The California Gull photo bombed my shot!  If you’re wondering why the Cormorants do this with their wings, it’s because they lack the oil on their feathers that most birds have, to keep them dry in wet weather.  Cormorants are diving birds.  Not only do they dive for small fish, but they also dive for their nesting material.  So, before they can effectively fly, they need to dry out their wings.


Also along the shoreline is a huge flock of Caspian (or Common) Terns with a few Royal Terns thrown into the mix.  This is my first sighting of a Royal Tern!!  The Caspian’s and very similar Common Terns have the solid black crown, while the Royal’s have the salt and pepper band of color.



As we turn and paddle in the opposite direction, the fog is still lurking above us and the reflections in the water makes it look as if we’re paddling on melted silver.p1020137p1020112p1020156

Carole and Teri are both enjoying their day here too!

If you enjoy taking pictures as much as me, you’ll understand that capturing that ‘one’ great shot, is pure heaven.  This shot just spoke to me.  The boats seemed to be perfectly lined up.  This will surely find a spot on a wall somewhere at home.


After we took a quick bio break at the Morro Bay State Park kayak launch, I thought this was a picture worth taking.  What a great way to store extra kayaks.  Hmm, I wonder if this would fit in my backyard.


Apparently there are at least 100 decorated cows that dot the SLO County landscape from September 2016 to May 2017.  This famous event is called the Cow Parade and apparently has been held all over the world, including Paris, Hong Kong, London, Milan…just to name a few.  Well, this lovely lady was paddle boarding her way along, as Monarch Butterflies tickled here face.


Fresh Oysters?  Oh yes, Morro Bay has them.  A couple of fellows were hauling in about 100 feet of oyster nets as we paddled by.  The guy in the picture was busy getting them ready for transport.


Oh!!! And, then there were the beautiful Brown Pelicans!  We paddled by a barge floating in the bay with about 70+ birds who were sunning, preening and just plain old chillaxing in the afternoon sun.


As we got closer to the take-out, the wind was just starting to rear her head.  The breeze felt good and my tummy was starting to growl.  I knew the winds would continue to increase to over 15mph, so we timed it perfectly.  What a great experience and I’m so thankful to have spent some much needed water therapy, on a new body of water.




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