~A Meaningful Thank You

As children we are taught to say “thank you” or “no thank you”.  I’ve been very diligent about teaching this to my children and grand children.  While riding my bike this morning, I really starting to think about the true meaning of what ‘thanks’ means.  After all, today is Thanksgiving and aren’t we supposed to be thankful?

When I looked up the word “thanks” in the dictionary, the definition is “kindly or grateful thoughts” and “an expression of gratitude”.

Each and every time I dip my paddle into the water, there’s a little voice inside my head that whispers to me.  More often than anything, those whispers are whispers of “Thanks”. What am I thankful for? When it comes to paddling, there are so many things.

Perhaps I’m thankful for the glass like reflection on the water;






Perhaps I’m thankful for the wonderful people I’ve met who also have a true appreciation for paddling;

Or, perhaps I’m thankful for the opportunity to be so close to nature;

Whatever the reason is for being thankful, as long as there is a little heart and soul behind the words (or whispers), I believe being thankful can be quite humbling.

As many of you spend time with friends and family today, I encourage you to truly express your gratitude and give a meaningful thanks.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!