~Bowman Lake can be worth the trouble

~The very first time I dipped my paddle into Bowman Lake was in June 2014.  I wasn’t sure it would be worth the slow drive in, bouncing and dodging boulders on at least three miles of dirt road.  Well, it was in 2014.

You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a high clearance vehicle if you come in off Highway 20.

At the South end of the lake, there are a few primitive campsites along with a steep rocky road down to the water.  We took turns, one at a time, offloading and driving back to the top to park.  The rocky shoreline held our kayaks until we were ready.


Ross looks a little chill and and Ted has his award winning smile on his face as they waited with me, while the others launched.


We paddled around the perimeter of lake on glass-like water!  Paddling conditions were going to be good today.


The shoreline closest to the dam has a few little islands for additional primitive paddling.  If you want one to yourself, you should arrive early in the week as I suspect these are taken first.


Some of us scrambled up the rocks to get a better view of the lake and one of our paddlers decided to take a swim in the chilly water!


Etsuko was exploring and looking for driftwood.


Ric loves to explore the little nooks and crannies of every waterway we paddle on.


This was a perfect place to get out for lunch.  Most of us found some shade to sit in.  Marty and Linda were enjoying the sun.  I think Marty even caught a couple of fish too.


Tom must see something in the crystal clear water and Ross is taking a break with his feet in the water.


Doug was taking pictures of each of us as we paddled by, high above.


We lucked out in 2014.  Water levels were high and winds were non-existent.  This wouldn’t be the case when we came back the summer of 2015.  The drought was starting to take hold and the water levels were drastically lower.  We struggled to get into the water, the shoreline had shrunk dramatically and winds were gusting.

With the rain and snow we’ve already had already in 2017, I’d be willing to go back and explore Bowman again.




2 thoughts on “~Bowman Lake can be worth the trouble

  1. Wow. What a beautiful spot. I’m sure the water will be up this year but the wind is just a crap shoot. Looks like a great trip. Was it a day trip or did you folks camp out overnight? Anyway, thanks for sharing. 🙂


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