~Hood Canal Adventure: Chapter 2 – Tahuya River

~Hood Canal Adventure: Chapter 2 – Tahuya River

As I dipped my paddle into the Tahuya River, a river I didn’t even know it existed a few days before, I looked at the water movement and was amazed at just how fast the tide was coming in.  Was this normal?  Or, was the channel of the river so narrow that it gave the appearance of moving in faster than it really was?  I looked at the tide charts and the tide didn’t seem abnormal.

As we launched our kayaks, one by one, into the water, the grass in this picture looks as though it had just been sprayed down with a hose!


The Tahuya River, I later learned originates from Tahuya Lake, west of Green Mountain.  I never did search out the lake, but was appreciative of the beauty before us as we began to paddle upstream gazing up at a beautiful blue sky.  We had plenty of head room as we ventured under the bridge.  This would change when we came back.


The clear water was flat and the wind was calm.


I thought this big tree trunk was interesting as if it was clawing its way out of the water while being weighed down by green moss.


We paddled around each bend in the river anxious to see what was around the corner.


We paddled about 2 miles until we couldn’t go any farther.  The water was coming downstream almost as fast as it was going upstream.  We stopped to stretch and eat dinner, but quickly had to load back up before we lost the sandbar we were sitting on.  I ventured upstream and captured this pretty little yellow bird taking a bath in the stream.


This was the end of the line, time to turnaround and head back.


The sun was a little lower in the sky, the reflection like diamonds on the water.


Well hello there.  Looks like the water has risen about 3+ feet since I paddle past this stump about an hour or so earlier.


There were plenty of birds taking refuge in the shoreline grass.


We passed our put-in location and continued to the mouth of the river.  The wind was in our face a bit, but by hugging the north western shoreline, we had a little protection and quite an enjoyable paddle.


As we neared the take-out, I noticed there was barely room to paddle under the bridge and the grassy area in my first picture was completely flooded with water.


This paddle was an afterthought after a little exploring.  I found a picture of the river on Facebook covered in snow and happened to make a comment.  Thankfully, the person who took the picture commented back and said it was his favorite river to paddle.  This was such a lovely paddle, as the tides moved in.

There is a huge dirt parking lot on the left side of the road, just past mile marker 14 on NE North Shore Road.  There are no facilities.  The launch is a little steep and covered in gravel, and if you take your time launching, you’ll be fine. ~Enjoy




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