As I dip my paddle in every body of water I’ve been on, I have a unique experience.  The sky could be a vivid color of blue, the sun setting with extraordinary color, the moon hidden from site, bats flying overhead, fish swimming below or an Osprey just collected dinner from about 20 feet in front of me.  No matter the place, I have found that paddling is the most rewarding way to get close to nature.

As you read about my adventures, remember they are mine.  I experienced them as only I could.  Another paddler seeing and hearing the same things as me would tell a completely different story.

I’ve been paddling for over six years.  The first time I put my hands on a paddle and began to dip it in the water, I knew I was hooked.  I love flat water paddling best.  Sometimes there’s a little surprise thrown in, the wind could pick up and blow stronger than predicted, the waves in the bay could be higher than anticipated, or a simple day trip around Sucia Island could turn into a memory of a lifetime.  But, I lived to tell about it.